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What We Do

We design and make everything in Derbyshire, UK.

Chewtopia dog toys are proudly made in the UK, from recycled materials. Everyone at Chewtopia cares and loves dogs, we always design and manufacture our products with their needs in mind.  We hope that your dog can get as much enjoyment out of our toys as we do in designing them.

A dog needs to express their natural instincts to keep them happy and from feeling frustrated. At Chewtopia we believe that the best way to keep your dog happy is to nurture their natural instincts through play. Interacting with your dog by playing games and using dog toys, you can not only expend their energy but also keep them mentally stimulated. The more satisfied and stimulated your dog feels the happier they will be.

We aim to turn our love of dogs into quality products and then give it right back. No nonsense, no middle man. We make it from recycled materials pack it in recyclable packaging and ship it. This simplicity has allowed us to spend time to create a brand that can proudly say is doing its little bit to make your dog and the planet happy.


We exclusively use recycled materials in products including some post-consumer materials. These plastics can be anything from reprocessed baskets in PP; to the scrap produced during the manufacture of surgical PVC tubing. Using these recycled materials, we are reducing the amount of industrial waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.


By shredding this plastic we can reuse it. These small granules are mixed  become the raw material that is used to make our products by injection moulding at our factory in Derbyshire.  All Chewtopia packaging is printed on a sustainably sourced card and is fully recyclable.

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