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Bone Appetit Mat

This stylish Bone Appetit Mat is designed for you to place your dog food bowls on to prevent mess and water from spilling onto your floor or carpet. It is also a great way to get younger dogs in the habit of knowing the area in the house where their food will be and where to go for a drink. Robust and long lasting the Bone Appetit Mat will brighten up any home.


  • Gives your dog their own space for food and water 

  • Raised edges on the mat contain any spillages from messy eaters

  • Prevents dogs from pushing their bowls around

  • Easy to clean, wipe down and store

  • Great way to build routine in young pups 

  • Added texture improves grip to avoid spillages 

  • Manufactured and designed in the UK

  • Non-toxic materials

  • Made from UK sourced recycled plastic


With natural non-slip properties curtesy of the materials used in the manufacture of the Bone Appetit Mat, this is designed to stay in place. Allowing your dog to have their own designated space for feeding and drinking can promote good behaviour and encourage routine.

Size: 44.5cm x 30cm and 12mm thick 

Material: TPE

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