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Meet The Team


Brayford, Bertie & Baxter

This Terrier trio consists of father (Baxter) and sons who have worked hard to develop the most durable range of toys possible including the Chew Bone and Treat Ball. Being persistent chewers (especially Brayford), finding the right mix of recycled materials has been no easy feat but the Chewtopia range gets their approval.



The boss of it all, Marlow has final say on everything. Not one usually for toys, Marlow has a keen eye in what will keep your best friends occupied. Impossible to please, our range has been strictly reviewed and scrutinised by Marlow to make sure it is up to his high standards.



Specialising in distance running, George has been paramount in the evolution of not only the Ball Launcher but also the Fetch Ball. Getting the right formula to ensure the Fetch Ball will achieve the greatest distance without being too hard to catch has been a tricky balancing act but the results are fantastic.


Not to be outdone by his friends, Rory's input has been beneficial all round. Particularly with the Bone Appetit Mat as although small in stature he has a healthy appetite which isn't always contained to his bowl.

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