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Flying Ring

This Flying Ring has been developed to achieve greater distance from your throw. Ideal for use in open spaces, all the family can get involved with a game. Providing crucial exercise to your dog, the Flying Ring can travel far allowing your dog to get the most effective exercise whilst you are playing together and bonding outside.


  • Great for interactive play, like fetch

  • Engineered to have extended glide for more effective exercise

  • Soft curve and plastic flex keep your dog’s mouth safe

  • Increases your throwing distance

  • Lightweight design

  • Perfect for energetic dogs

  • Ideal for outdoor exercise

  • Creates a better bond between you and your dog

  • Reduces stress and boredom

  • Mentally stimulates to reduce destructive behaviour

  • Training tool for obedience and command training

  • Manufactured and designed in the UK

  • Non-toxic materials

  • Made from UK sourced recycled plastic


The ultimate way to exercise your dog and have fun at the same time. The Flying Ring is not only a great way to stimulate and exercise your dog but also you and your family. Games such as seeing who can throw the furthest and catch can encourage bonding for all. A great way to get everyone enjoying the outdoors whilst also providing so many benefits to your dog’s health and wellbeing. Sufficiently exercised dogs are happier dogs. It helps to reduce the risk of obesity and increases their mental stimulation which in turn helps to prolong their lives.

Regularly exercising your dog helps to keep their joints lubricated resulting in fewer problems later in life. Playing games such as fetch promote good dog behaviour and a strong relationship between the owner and dog. Fetch is a great way to train younger dogs and can help to relieve pent up energy in both young and older dogs that could otherwise cause destructive behaviour.

Size: 21.5cm diameter 

Material: PVC

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