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Treat Ball

This hard-wearing Treat Ball is the perfect treat for your dog. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this Treat Ball fits in most standard ball throwers (including our Ball Launcher) and has a hollowed-out middle section ideal for putting in treats that will keep your dog entertained for hours.


Fits in most standard ball throwers  

  • Perfect hard-wearing alternative to a tennis ball

  • Great for interactive play, like fetch

  • Perfect for energetic dogs

  • Ideal for outdoor exercise

  • Suitable for use with a treat stick

  • Stimulates and reduces separation anxiety

  • Reduces stress and boredom

  • Creates a better bond between you and your dog

  • Mentally stimulates to reduce destructive chewing

  • Chewing keeps dogs’ jaws strong

  • Soft on your dogs’ teeth and gums 

  • Aids good dental care for your dog

  • Ideal for persistent chewers

  • Manufactured and designed in the UK

  • Non-toxic materials

  • Made from UK sourced recycled plastic


Having a moulded texture and hollow centre stimulates the dogs’ senses and with space to tuck away some treats or a chew stick, it encourages their ability to hunt for food. Dogs need to express their natural instincts to keep them happy and from feeling frustrated.


Young dogs use chewing as a coping method to relieve the pain that is often caused by teething and older dogs use it to ensure they have a strong jaw, healthy teeth, and gums. Chewing can accomplish many things including helping to prevent boredom and relieve frustration.

Size: 6.5cm diameter, 2cm treat hole in the middle 

Material: PVC

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